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Earnings, instantly

Employees paid through Big Fish can now access Wages-On Demand and actionable Financial Wellness products from ZayZoon.

This is of no cost to you as the employer, and employees pay a flat fee to get early access to wages they have earned.

ZayZoon is available now and can be ready for your employees to use by the end of the day! Give us your contact information and number of employees, a Big Fish representative will reach out to get you started.

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Reduce stress

38% of employees have said that financial stress is a distraction for them at work. By reducing this financial stress employers minimize distraction, reduce absenteeism, and improve the wellness of your employees.

increase productivity

By allowing your employees to access an additional portion of their paycheck when they need it, they can gain control over their finances between paydays. As an employer offering ZayZoon, this can help them to avoid costly alternatives like predatory loan products and overdraft fees.

Retain & recruit

25% of employees utilize our services. Offering employees Wages On-Demand sets you apart from other businesses, by promoting financial wellness you are contributing positively to employee retention and recruitment.


Once your employer has activated ZayZoon for your company, you may activate your account by going to:
You use the same username and password you do to access:

Authorize your account to be created. You will need a copy of a government-issued ID so we can verify it is you. There is no cost to set up your account with us. You only pay a flat $5 fee to access up to $200 of your earned wages at a time.

Once you successfully create and authorize your account, you can request your first payout. Once successfully approved, both the funds you requested, and the $5 fee will automatically be reflected on your next paycheck.


Easy access to your wages

Access up to $200 of your earned wages at a time for a flat $5 fee; avoid overdraft fees, late bill payments or simply cover cashflow shortfall between paydays. Get your money when you need it.

secure and easy to use

We require no credit check to use our services, and it takes only one minute to sign up.  This is all made possible with the trusted integration between Big Fish & ZayZoon.  It’s payday made simple.

incredible support

ZayZoon's incredible support team is available to answer any questions you as an employee may have while using this service.  If your employer has any questions, have them reach out to their Big Fish Relationship Manager.

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