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Our Time and Labor Management system (TLM) is a web based application offering several clock in/clock out methodologies. Most clients are familiar with the capability for their employees to clock in and out using a traditional Time Clock that is hung on the wall. Our integrated Time & Attendance package offers solutions for all types of businesses. Whether you make use of the traditional badge swipe or your employees clock in from their PC, you can enjoy a solution, or network of solutions, that makes managing your labor efficient.


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How It Works

Your employees clock in and out on the time clock or via their PC. If they use a clock then they would clock in by swiping their timecard, and for an
additional layer of security they could swipe their card, and then be prompted to enter an additional identifier (such as the last four digits of their SS#). Each night, the clock automatically transmits the day’s activity to the web based software – reliably and securely. The time and attendance records are immediately available to your company via the Internet. We can also set up a process whereby each evening an email is sent to your managers identifying any missed punches for their direct reports.

From the time and attendance site you can verify and edit employee punches, and see updated totals at any time. You can run payroll reports and download your calculated payroll data to import directly into Big Fish Employer Services Online! No more having to key the hours from the time clock system into the payroll system. It's as simple as clicking a button!

There is NO software to install… simply view, edit, and run reports using your web browser. Our web-based server automatically does all the collecting, calculating, processing, and reporting in an effective and efficient manner.

We also offer a fingerprint reader for those employers who are concerned about “buddy punching”, which is an industry term for “my friend or coworker clocked me in for the day.” By using the fingerprint reader to associate any clock ins or clock outs with a fingerprint, buddy punching is eliminated.

Multiple Locations

Our time and attendance system is ideal if your organization has several branches or locations, because you can connect multiple clocks or PC’s to the same network. Since all of your organization’s clocks will dial into the same server, payroll data is combined in one place. Employees can even clock in at one location, and clock out at another.

Our timekeeping solution is the perfect scalable solution to help you manage the most expensive cost of your business, labor!

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