As a business owner or operations manager, are you feeling too heavily involved in your restaurant’s payroll and HR processes?


Restaurant owners and managers work with Big Fish when they are…

  • Too heavily involved in their restaurant’s payroll and HR processes.
  • Frustrated with the constant turnover and administrative burden of hiring and on-boarding.
  • Experiencing errors and elongated payroll processes, with insufficient POS imports.
  • Bogged down with IRS and State reporting guidelines for FICA tips, cash versus credit tips, and shortfall wage reports.
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Here is how Big Fish can help…

  • Fill your open positions fast with our applicant tracking system.
  • Eliminate paper; employees onboard online in English & Spanish.
  • No double data entry with our automatic POS integration with payroll.
  • FICA, WOTC, & Shortfall report management.

Focus on running your restaurant, leave the payroll and HR compliance to the Big Fish Experts!

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As your HR, Payroll & HCM experts…

Big Fish will get your people paid... but we don't stop there.
We'll get you answers and assistance in areas of compliance. As your Human Resources, HCM & payroll expert, we provide you with access to relevant tools that streamline your processes as an employer, giving you peace of mind. Plus, when you call us, you'll talk to humans that answer the phone-every time you call.