Popularity of Biometric Time & Attendance Systems

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Biometrics has been all the rage for the past few years. From time clocks to sophisticated security systems, some type of biometric device is often involved.

In time and attendance systems, utilizing biometrics helps reduce fraud, frequently referred to as buddy punching. You might be able to give your badge to your buddy, but you wouldn’t want to give him your finger.

Biometric technologies in Time and Attendance Systems

There are several different ways that biometric technologies can read people. Below are the four ways most biometric systems can read people and how they are able to do it.

Facial Recognition: Facial recognition systems measure the geometry of the face, distance between the eyes, distance from the mouth and nose, etc.

Finger Scan: The most often implemented biometric technology in the industry. These systems analyze the fingerprint, identifying unique patterns in the swirls of the skin. The actual fingerprint is not stored anywhere in the system.

Retina & Iris Scan: Similar to finger scanning, but this technology examines the vein pattern in the eye’s retina. Similar to a retina scan, but looks at the pattern of the iris in the eye.

Vein Readers: Using infrared light, these sensors look at the pattern on the small veins just under the skin.

Just as paper time cards have served their purpose, so too may the badge as technology and biometric time and attendance systems become more prevalent.

Take advantage of the technology that is available today to avoid time clock abuse. Biometric clocks are the best way to insure you are always paying the right people at the right time. Don’t know where to find a biometric clock? Check out our Time and Attendance page to see the options Big Fish carries. Find anything from a sophisticated finger scan to online web clock solutions.

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