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While the industry has moved away from 'Payroll' as it's focus, and technology and 'HR Services' are the new discussion,... everyone's still 'gotta get paid. We believe that service, and human touch remains our greatest asset when it comes to Payroll.

Employee Self-Service

Employee Self Service (ESS) is the process and associated technology which offers employees the opportunity to log on, view, print, and edit personal information. The goal of acquiring an ESS platform is to “push” to the employees the management of their personal information, thus relieving the HR and/or Payroll Department from handling paper and making updates. The employees became true “owners” of their data.



Taxes may be inevitable, but they don’t need to be difficult! Big Fish currently services hundreds of clients across the United States with our Comprehensive Tax Management Service. Big Fish also offers a second level of tax filing service, a Tax Notification service for clients who wish to have the flexibility and control of making their own tax payments.

Comprehensive Tax Management Service
This level of service includes the impounding and electronic payment of all tax liabilities. Big Fish will also prepare and file all quarterly and annual payroll tax returns with all federal and state agencies. Big Fish is responsible for the timely filing of all payroll tax payments and returns.

Tax Notification Service
Signature-ready tax checks are produced each payroll period. This service offers clients the flexibility to manage their own tax deposits. Big Fish creates the tax checks that are made payable to the proper agency, and the client is responsible for their timely deposit. The quarterly and annual returns are created for the client, and await their signature and submission to the appropriate agency.

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