Overcoming the Top 14 Hiring Challenges of 2020 and Beyond

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The process of hiring is perhaps one of the most important steps in selecting the best candidates for your team, but unfortunately, it is often one of the most flawed processes for many businesses. Many employers admit to not having a hiring strategy, and because of this, valuable time is often lost on disorganized and ineffective methods. Without setting clear recruitment objectives, goals, and a target audience, hiring ends up being truly left to chance.

If you had to select your biggest headache when hiring, what would it be? Your answer may depend on the size of the company you work with or the types of roles you are hiring. However, most would gravitate towards a few common challenges. Below, read about common hiring or recruiting challenges, and learn the solutions to overcome then – making your hiring more effective!

Common Hiring Challenges

1. You’re unable to operate a fully remote hiring and onboarding process.

2. The current process is lengthy, complicated, and ineffective.

3. Your hiring staff is not aligned or collaborating.

4. Your team is experiencing gaps in communication.

5. You have no idea what to do with hiring data and records.

6. You want to eliminate bias, and focus on diversity & inclusion, but have no clue how.

7. You are working with outdated technology.

8. Currently, the hiring process takes forever.

9. You need to stand out among hiring competition and expand your candidate reach.

10. You’re struggling to attract and engage top talent.

11. You’re wasting time & money on ‘bad hires.’ 

12. Your talent pool is experiencing a severe drought.

13. Your employer branding leaves something to be desired.

14. Overall, you want to create better candidate experiences.

1. Problem:: You’re unable to operate a fully remote hiring and onboarding process.

As we navigate through a global pandemic and businesses shift to remote work, hiring and onboarding practices must become compatible with a virtual environment. It is becoming common practice for companies to hire new employees without ever meeting in person. From posting positions to virtual interviews to email communications and offer letters, technology must match up to this evolving business need.

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) like iSolved Hire, offered through Big Fish, offers a single hiring system for your team to collaborate effectively while working from home and foster a strong remote company culture. An ATS provides an all-in-one software to streamline your hiring process, saving you both time and money, by making it possible for your hiring team to collaborate and work within a single system. iSolved Hire offers capabilities like data and reporting, scheduling and calendar integration, built-in templated communications, applicant assessments, interview scorecards, access to thousands of job boards, and much more. Provide your remote hiring team the top technology to build your team.

2. Problem: The current process is lengthy, complicated, and ineffective.

If your current hiring process is complicated and ineffective, your team will have increased difficulty in communicating and bringing applicants onboard. It is important to establish a clear workflow and process for things like applications, pre-interview screenings, scheduling, communicating, and offering positions. Streamlining, simplifying, and automating your hiring process makes it easier for your organization, saving you both time and money.

An ATS like iSolved Hire helps to simplify the entire hiring process through workflows and effective steps managed by your hiring team. iSolved Hire offers a single system to simplify the reviewing, tracking, and communication with candidates through the entire hiring process, from screening to interviewing through hiring and onboarding.

3. Problem: Your hiring staff is not aligned or collaborating.

Do you find your hiring team is constantly on different pages, or not working together towards a common goal? Even the most seasoned and experienced hiring professionals may need to brush up their practices – but problems start to arise when your team is not aligned or trained, and hiring practices are not established. Training your hiring team will help to keep the process fair and uniform across all applicants, improving the outcome of your hiring process. Training allows your team to easily collaborate to evaluate candidates, communicate, and coordinate/ schedule administrative tasks, and all of these things lead to a positive hiring experience for your organization and your applicants.

Consider how an ATS like iSolved Hire can help your team to communicate, coordinate, and see the status of the hiring process at a glance within a single system.
The hiring process is based on effective collaboration between all stakeholders involved (the hiring team), and with the recent mass transition to remote work, the importance of collaboration has increased. Establish an effective model for team collaboration, with tools that enable them to both collaborate and communicate timely and effectively.

4. Problem: Your team is experiencing gaps in communication.

How many times have you interviewed for a position and waited weeks to hear anything—positive or negative–back? Or, even worse, have you ever submitted an application/resume only to never hear back? Communicating in a timely manner, both within your hiring team and to your applicants, is paramount to a good hiring process,. The best way to ensure a successful and prompt hiring process, from start to finish, is to focus heavily on communication. In every step of the process, clear and effective communication will foster a positive connection between your hiring team and your applicants, to help you discover if they are a perfect fit for the position.

An ATS like iSolved Hire allows open communication between your team in real time, allowing them to see any applicant’s status in the hiring process. Beyond optimizing internal communication, an ATS offers templated communication to candidates based on actions taken in your hiring workflow. For example, after submitting a resume and application your candidate may be prompted to take a skills assessment in the next step, at which point they are deemed unqualified and automatically sent an email notification. An ATS can help your team communicate more effectively both internally and with any potential applicants.

5. Problem: You have no idea what to do with hiring data and records.

Companies can and should use hiring data and metrics to constantly improve their recruiting process and make informed decisions. Hiring analytics are a core business initiative that can help your company achieve long-term goals and results. However, collecting data via numerous spreadsheets and endless email chains is ineffective and prone to human error—not to mention, it’s not compliant! This is a method of the past, and it’s time for your hiring team to adjust their methods to compile and organize data in the most effective and streamlined way.

An ATS allows you to store all hiring data, even from applicants you’ve denied, and view reports with key hiring metrics. This hiring data will assist your hiring team during their future hiring audits and in refining their future hiring efforts.  An ATS enables you to track and measure these metrics, and focusing on the data will enable you to make better and more informed hiring decisions, overall improving your productivity and success.

6. Problem: You want to eliminate bias, and focus on diversity & inclusion, but have no clue how. 

According to a report by the National Bureau of Economic Research, resumes with white-sounding names receive 50% more calls for interviews than identical resumes with ethnic-sounding names. Apart from your legal obligations to provide equal opportunities, hiring objectively is a best business practice as it enables you to hire the best person for the job without any stereotypes interfering. Your goal as an organization should be to hire and attract the best and most diverse candidates for your job positions, which will result in a more inclusive workplace.

To find diverse candidates, try educating your hiring team, posting your jobs on diverse, niche job boards, conducting structured interviews to remain fair, and highlighting your company’s dedication to inclusion. An ATS helps to reduce potential opportunity for bias by providing structured interview templates and rating scales, and these pre-set templates help to keep everyone impartial during the scoring process.

7. Problem: You are working with outdated technology.

One of the most obvious struggles hiring professionals face is a lack of access to technology that’s up to par with their hiring needs. We are in 2020, and hiring by using Excel spreadsheets and emails is simply not sustainable in this modern tech age. It is time for your organization to invest in a modern, easy-to-use hiring technology.

An ATS is that all-in-one software that can streamline your hiring process, saving you time and money, by making it possible for your hiring team to collaborate and work with all candidate data in a single system. iSolved Hire is an ATS that offers capabilities like data and reporting, scheduling and calendar integrations, built-in templated communications, applicant assessments, interview scorecards, access to thousands of the top jobs boards, and more. You cannot rely on your hiring team to score amazing applicants if their technology is from the stone age.

8. Problem: Currently, the hiring process takes forever.

Do you find your vacant positions are staying open for a little toooo long? If hiring process takes too long or hiring teams struggle to reach an agreement, the best candidate may accept a job elsewhere. The hiring process is time-sensitive, but when sorting through a large pool of applicants, it is easy to get lost in the shuffle and lose focus. Communication can also suffer, resulting in the loss of qualified candidates who are seeking a more professional and personalized hiring experience. It is not secret that vacant positions cost a company in time, money, and productivity. To snatch a top candidate, you need to make an effort to hire quickly.

This is where an ATS can benefit your organization’s hiring efforts. Candidates typically express a loss of interest if hiring is lengthy or complicated, meaning you need to drastically shorten the hiring process. To stop wasting valuable time on unnecessary and ineffective administrative and manual tasks, opt for an ATS, where tasks associated with hiring can be almost completely automated.

9. Problem: You need to stand out among hiring competition and expand your candidate reach.

The good news is that you are not alone in your hiring struggles, but that is also the bad news. The job market is overflowing with talented, skilled workers seeking a career path. While the job market may be full of excellent workers who would be a great fit for your company, you are not the only one to notice them. Often, skilled professionals seeking work are courted by many companies who are just as eager to fill a position and secure great talent. Developing a solid hiring strategy and process will help you to stand apart from the crowd to secure top talent. So why does it seem like there is never enough of the right talent to go around? The answer lies in the processes by which your HR departments seek and source candidates. You must look beyond normal avenues and expand reach to find those rare and seemingly hidden candidates, extend your reach across all possible channels, and strive for a more multichannel recruitment strategy. 

An ATS like iSolved Hire allows you to post on thousands of different job boards with a few simple clicks. Gone are the days of spending hours positing individually to various job boards, only to yield mediocre results. By providing a straightforward and efficient hiring process to your candidates from the start, you will be sure to expand your hiring reach and stand-out from the crowd. 

10. Problem: You’re Struggling to Attract and Engage Top Candidates.

Glassdoor reported that 76% of hiring managers cite attracting the right job candidates as their greatest challenge. You are looking for the most qualified and engaged candidates, who are not only good on paper but who are the right fit for your position, and most importantly, your organization. The goal is to stand out to those great candidates who are the best fit for the role and company.

According to LinkedIn research, 70% of the global workforce is made of passive talent who aren’t actively job searching, with the remaining 30% being active job seekers. Concerned? Don’t let those numbers scare you. There are candidates, both active and passive, who are interested in hearing about new and exciting potential opportunities. During the hiring process, applicants are often considering multiple jobs and companies, and your company will need to stand out from the crowd to engage these candidates. Research what motivates applicants in your industry. Is it health benefits? Flexible scheduling? PTO? Consider what motivates them and what you can offer, and be sure to communicate these benefits and why they should want to work for your organization specifically.

The ATS software iSolved Hire has strategies to facilitate the engagement of the most qualified candidates, including application screening questions, and sending an automatic email when applicants do or do not meet outlined requirements. iSolved Hire can help to save the hiring team hours of sifting through unqualified applicants by only presenting them with applicants who meet pre-determined qualifications. During your candidate search, be concise and specific with the job requirements to get the most qualified candidates, and be sure to ask qualifying questions on the applications. These steps allow you to focus on immediately on reviewing the best candidates – instead of sorting from those who are unqualified.

11. Problem: You’re wasting time & money on bad hires.

While the focus is to attract top talent, it is crucial to remember: a bad hire can cost a company upwards of $50,000, as reported by Career Builder. A bad hire can cost your company in many ways – a significant loss of revenue, decrease in productivity, and by causing overall cultural problems with employee morale and client relations. It is better to avoid bad hires altogether and consistently select the best candidate for the role and your company—but how?

An ATS like iSolved hire can help you weed out applicants who are unqualified through the implementation of skills assessment tests and interview strategies as pre-set stages in the hiring workflow. Once someone is deemed unqualified by your defined standards, they will be sorted from your qualified applicants and thanked for applying. This seemingly simple step will enable your hiring team to efficiently evaluate and choose candidates who are qualified and best fit company culture, while completely avoiding bad hires.

12. Problem: Your talent pool is experiencing a severe drought.

Throughout the hiring journey, your team should be proactively building a talent pool. A talent pool is a database of candidates who are qualified and interested in working for your company, and though they were not the right fit for a specific position that they applied for, you may want to use them to fill future positions. Building a talent pool helps to reduce future time and money spent on hiring. By filling the talent pipeline with qualified, pre-screened candidates, you will save your hiring team a lot of time and heartache. Invite candidates to join your talent network to stay up to date on potential positions.

An ATS like iSolved Hire offers capabilities for companies to build their talent pipelines. The iSolved Hire system allows storage of candidate data and records, allowing your organization to begin to create its own unique talent pool. This ATS system also allows you to continue the networking and outreach, with regular communication and touch points so you stay top of mind for these potential future employees.

13. Problem: Your employer branding leaves something to be desired.

According to LinkedIn, an overwhelming majority (75%) of job seekers consider an employer’s brand before ever applying for a job. A good employer brand helps you to attract and engage better candidates, and organizations who invest in employer branding are three times more likely to make a quality hire. You want to stand out to your applicants, providing a positive experience and promoting the culture of your organization throughout the hiring process. Investing in your company branding is a complex yet essential part of the hiring process that is often overlooked.  Building an employer brand is a continuous and collective effort from your entire team. This is not something that occurs overnight, but you will be glad you invested the time and effort at the end of the day. When hiring, be sure to showcase your company culture, benefits, and employees to encourage more candidates.

A compelling story and strong company culture are of crucial importance when developing your employer brand. Invest the time in defining and implementing an effective employer branding strategy to help excite and engage potential candidates. An ATS like iSolved Hire can help you reduce time spent on the administrative tasks of hiring, so you can focus your time and energy on developing and strengthening your employer brand. 

14. Problem: You want to create better candidate experiences.

Improving your candidate experience lends to your brand reputation, customer base, ROI, and overall means you are more likely to fill a position quickly and efficiently. The experience your candidates have is often a huge factor when they are reviewing potential job offers – this reinforces the importance of treating candidates well throughout the entire process. A good candidate experience often is dependent upon the level of communication demonstrated during the process. If an applicant receives little to no communication, they will likely have a far worse experience than they would have if they had heard from you more often. You want to create a smooth hiring process as you begin to welcome new employees.

An ATS like iSolved Hire can help to create great candidate experiences by building automated steps into the hiring process to keep communication prompt and meaningful. The iSolved Hire system can save your team time from focusing on tedious administrative tasks, instead allowing them to spend time finding the best candidate for the position – overall creating a stronger team within your organization. 

The hiring and recruiting process can present many challenges, especially in the coronavirus work era. Overall, the goal is to find the best talent for your company, and it is crucial to facilitate the growth of your organization with the top hiring technology. For more information on how iSolved Hire can transform your hiring process, call us today at 714.769.3410. 

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