Who’s the boss?

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The Difference Between Leaders and Managers

There is a saying that people don’t leave companies they leave managers. A very fine line exists in the difference between leaders and managers. Good Managers are also leaders, but not all leaders are good managers.

Leaders have followers // Mangers have employees

The ideas and vision of leaders creates people who aspire to follow them. People follow the leader because his or her ideas give hope for the future and offer change. A manager’s influence and control end when employees leave the workplace.

Leaders use influence // Managers use power

Leadership functions off of motivation and inspiration. Leaders are charismatic and use their influence to create teams. Managers sit at the top of a hierarchy and use that power to ensure takes are completed as requested. While managers are often the top of the hierarchy at their place of work, they are often at the bottom of another hierarchy.

Leaders are the heart // Managers are the head

Led by their passion hearts, leaders use their emotions and the emotions of their followers to further their visions by appealing to hopes and dreams. In the head-versus-heart debates, managers are the logical brain focused on work. They typically prefer tangible results and are task-oriented, plan, organize, and problem solve.

Leader take responsibility // Managers take credit

Leaders know they are responsible for the amazing end results – as well as any negative results, and they often prefer to share any extra compensation, knowing that it will increase the morale of the team. When a task is completed, managers will take credit for the work that is done. While it may not be in the way that is negative, a manager knows that his or her management led to the end results. Managers accept the credit in the forms of praise, bonuses, and commission.

Learn to be a leader not just a manager.

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