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Big Fish offers Human Resource (HR) support through an award winning partner, HRAnswerLink, who specializes in HR issues and compliance.

The most significant feature of this support site is the Ask The Pro form which allows unlimited access to submit confidential questions to a national network of HR professionals and receive a response within 24 hours.

Questions such as, “Can you tell me if my vacation accrual plan is legal for California?” Or “I have an employee who wants to take time off to be with their newborn. I only have 13 employees. Do I have to let them take time off and do I have to pay them?” Or “What are my employer responsibilities if I hire an intern?”

Incorrect answers to these and countless other HR topics could place you and your company into a very difficult spot, including unhappy employees and potential litigation.

The HR Support Site Includes:

HR Audit

We have developed with our HR Support affiliate a brief 10 Question HR Audit for your company. You should select the link below and answer the 10 questions. You will receive back via email an assessment of your answers to determine your level of compliance with current HR requirements.A simple 10 question Audit can in no way give you all the answers, but it will give you a great high level view of some of your companies “weak spots”. You will be asked to provide contact information upon the completion of the audit so your results can be emailed to you. The answers you receive will guide you for what next steps you may want to consider. Click below to take the Big Fish Employer Services HR Audit LGT

Big Fish HR Audit LGT

Background Check and Screening

Big Fish has partnered with National Crime Search (NCS) to offer you secure and affordable access to a web-based national criminal directory. This directory includes over 507 million criminal records covering all 50 states plus the District of Columbia, Guam and Puerto Rico.

NCS also allows Big Fish to offer a high quality, low cost, complete solution tailored to meet your criminal background search needs. The full service background solutions include:

Instant National Criminal Searches Multi-State Sex & Violent Offenders Search County Criminal History Motor Vehicle Records Employment Credit Reports Social Security Verification & Address Tracker Healthcare Industry Search Services Tenant Screening Volunteer Screening

The NCS system is fast and easy to use allowing for immediate results. Click below for more:

Big Fish National Crime Search

Labor Law Posters

State and Federal law requires employers to post labor law notices in the workplace. These mandatory postings include the OSHA Posting, Federal Minimum Wage, FMLA, USERRA and various state specific notices. Failure to post mandatory labor law notices can result in hefty fines and lawsuits. We have made these State and Federal notices available to you in an All-In-One State & Federal Labor Law Posters.

Labor Law Poster Update Service
Labor law postings can change at any time of the year, and it is the responsibility of the employer to stay up-to-date. CLICK HERE to review a list of State & Federal Labor Law Posting updates that have occurred since 2003. Let us take the worry and workout of keeping your business compliant! Our labor law poster update services automatically keep you up-to-date with notifications of changes to the labor law notices affecting you. When a change occurs, we will make sure that your posters remain compliant.

How does a Labor Law Poster Update Service work?
Our Worry-Free Poster Solutions offer two easy ways to stay up-to-date with changes in mandatory federal and state postings. Both update services are backed by a $25,000 We Pay The Fine Guarantee!

E-Update Service – $8.00/month
Upon activation receive an All-In-One State & Federal Labor Law Poster delivered to your location.

  1. When a change occurs, we place a call to your business to alert you that a posting has changed and we email the updated posting straight to your inbox as a downloadable PDF file.
  2. Print the updated posting on your printer.
  3. Display the updated posting alongside your current labor law poster.
  4. Receive an updated All-In-One State & Federal Labor Law Poster every year on the anniversary of your subscription.  Shipping & handling included.

Poster Replacement Service – $10.00/month
Upon activation receive an All-In-One State & Federal Labor Law Poster delivered to your location.

  1. When a change occurs, we update our posters with the new mandatory posting.
  2. We mail you an updated All-In-One State & Federal Labor Law Poster.  Shipping & handling included.
  3. Take down your current labor law poster and display the newly updated poster.


What Labor Law Posters are required for my business?
Both state and federal labor law posters are required for businesses. If a business has one or more employees, it is required by the law to post federal, state and OSHA mandatory posters. More specifically, the following six postings must appear in each workplace location: federal minimum wage, Employee Polygraph Protection, OSHA, FMLA, USERRA, and EEO.

Where should my business display these labor law posters?
Labor law posters should be displayed somewhere apparent to all employees on a daily basis, such as a break room or main lobby. If you have multiple locations, then each workplace should display its own posters.


Unemployment Claims Management

Big Fish has partnered with a leading specialized company to manage our clients unemployment claims activity. UC Advantage, Inc. is a local based company (Aliso Viejo, CA) that specializes in managing the highly complex task of unemployment claims management.

State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) is the only controllable tax an employer has. It is a tax driven by claims activity charged against an employer’s account. Simply, the more unemployment claims against a company, the higher the rate.

Do you, or anyone on your staff, have the capability or time to manage how much a claimant is allowed to receive each week? And for how long?

Do you, or anyone on your staff, have the capability or time to monitor if a claimant worked for a previous employer who may have to pay a portion of an unemployment claim?

Management of unemployment claims is imperative to not only help keep your SUI rate to a minimum, but to also ensure that there are no legal mistakes made under oath during the unemployment hearing process. One tiny facet of the intricacies of unemployment law is that testimony under oath in an unemployment hearing can be admissible in other types of litigation. UC Advantage ensures that testimony given at unemployment hearings is relevant only to the claimant’s separation, and that the opposing party is not allowed to search for additional information that can be used against an employer in other matters.

This strange nuance of unemployment law is just one reason why having a professional specialist manage your unemployment claims is a necessity.

Several highlighted features include:

  • Claims Administration, including hearing representation
  • A documented 92% win ratio of protest-able unemployment claims
  • Complete representation at unemployment hearings
  • Audits of any/all charges against your SUI account
  • Protesting of invalid charges
  • Protesting of incorrect rate assignments
  • Management training
  • Access to a specialist who can guide you in correct documentation and discipline before a claim is filed
  • Detailed reporting to help identify trends and opportunities for improvement

Please feel free to call us with any questions you may have, or select the following link to go directly to the site:  UC Advantage


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