A guide to the HR & Payroll Services that will help you thrive in 2020 & beyond

11 Things you should consider when choosing a Payroll & HR partner

There's no doubt that 2020 has been the year none of us will easily forget! Many have struggled, some have flourished, but we have all been affected.

We've been in close step with our community this year, as we all work to maneuver our altered world. We've witnessed troubled HR staff and business owners desperately attempting to clear hurdle after hurdle, not getting the essential services and guidance that is needed.

In our industry, a good HCM partner offers guidance, but an HCM partner like Big Fish is committed to turning your COVID complications into opportunities. We've created an eBook and quiz to help you determine if you're currently receiving the best services.

Download the eBook and take the quiz to:

Uncover potential challenges your business will face through the rest of the pandemic.

Learn how the right HR and payroll provider can simplify daily challenges, including those encountered during the Coronavirus.

Discover why Big Fish is uniquely qualified to assist you in surviving (and potentially thriving!) through the crisis.

Buyers guide E book


We are Human Resources leaders, seasoned Payroll professionals, and offer leading edge technologies; while we are proud of those things, it is our service that sets us apart, and makes us different than our big competitors. Those big competitors in our space simply cannot beat us at our level of support- they are not designed to. We have found that support really matters for today's growing business.