Big Fish Employer Services is Proud To


Early in 2018 our Founder & CEO Justin Dignam had the idea to give back to the local community's first responders by simply offering to buy their breakfast or lunch. Employees can 'Feed The Brave' (as it's been named by Dignam), by keeping an eye out for 'first responders' like Firefighters, Police officers, or Military who are in uniform. Big Fish Employer Services will reimburse employees who take this action, and simply bring in a receipt from that breakfast or lunch, during their break in the local community.

As weeks or months can potentially pass without 'running into' these first responders, Justin decided to reach out to the local Firehouse in their headquarter city of Placentia, CA and offered to buy everyone lunch; they were pleasantly surprised! These Orange County Fire Fighters were delighted to give Justin and others from Big Fish a tour, share lunch together, and tell us more about what a day in the life looks like, for a Southern California Fire Fighter.

As stated in this video, this initiative is in place to simply give back. 
We are proud of our 'boutique' size that enables us to be incredibly intentional and thoughtful about where we setup our offices, as well as how we give back to those communities. To learn more about what it's like to work at Big Fish check out our Careers page, and drop by our Giving Back page as well- perhaps you'll recognize some of the organizations listed and be inspired to 'Give Back' or even 'Feed The Brave' in your community as well!