FAQs: Using iSolved to Navigate COVID-19 Legislation

Last Updated on May 14, 2020 by bigfish-admin

Q: My bank is asking for quarterly reports. Where in iSolved can I find these?

A: You can find these under Reporting> Quarterly Reports on Demand. It takes a bit to load, but you will be able to view and download quarterly reports for corresponding Quarters/Years. You will have access to download the full quarterly report package, including the 941, DE9, and the DE9C. The 940 is an annual Report that will be included in the 4th quarter only. 

Q: If payroll is uploaded will it separate out to COVID if we already worked with you for coding? And will this set up in this 2-check mode?

A: If you have an import that you have worked with us on, as long as we have the correct headers set, it will import properly. If you want these payrolls printed on a separate check batch, that is a completely separate upload. Reach out to our team and ask for Jaimie directly if you have questions regarding importing for two check mode, or email her with your specific questions: jaimie@bigfishemployerservices.com.

Q: Are these COVID earnings set for each state I pay employees in?
A: COVID earnings are set for your entire company, and based on federal laws in place. Anyone being paid in different states in your legal company will have access to these codes. If you have a specific question or need based on your specific State, please contact your relationship manager to discuss.

Q: How can we record the COVID hours in Big Fish? I do not see a way to record the hours in the timecard?
A: If you use iSolved time, this is going to be just like a normal accrual or absence policy. Big Fish has built out specific absence policies into iSolved. When adding an employee absence, you will select one of the pre-built COVID options as the reason for the absence (ex: COVID EFLMA). Employees will be able to request this time as well, as they normally would with regular sick time or PTO. Once approved this will reflect onto the employee timecard. 

Q: We do not have to do 2 checks though, correct?

A: You are correct. You do not need to have two checks. However, for auditing and reporting purposes in the future, it has been recommended by iSolved that having two separate checks for COVID earning and regular earnings will simplify the process. Regardless, you will still be able to run reports necessary to make calculations, having two checks will simplify this process but it is not necessary.

Q: If we choose to defer Employer Social Security, will it show on our payroll summary?
A: Yes, if you choose to defer any taxes you will see a reflection of this on the payroll summary. There will be a separate line item on your payroll summary, that indicates ‘client responsibility.’

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