Group giving employee recognition

Employee Recognition Ideas to Start Using Today

Group giving employee recognition

Being good at employee recognition is great for the bottom line. But if you don’t consider getting creative with your methods of employee recognition, the impact on your team may diminish over time.

Switch things up by introducing new ways to recognize the best employees!

1 | Coworker Appreciation

Encouraging employees to recognize the best in each other can unify a team and create a postive work environment.

2 | Points Systems

Use a system that awards points for various actions during a set period of time. At the end, tally the points and announce the winner. Consider rewards like:

  • Gift Baskets
  • Spa Day
  • Tickets to local events

3 | Social Media Shout-Outs

Share the team’s accomplishments on the company social media platforms. This will also help build the employment brand and attract talented candidates as they see the positive work environment.

4 | Unique Outings

Who says employee recognition can only be done in the office? Reward employees with a random act of fun. Treat them to places like:

  • Local Restaurant
  • Bowling Alley
  • Sporting Event
  • Other Unique Local Events

5 | Suggestion Forum

Ask employees what kind of rewards would motivate them. Set up a suggestion forum where they can contribute ideas.

6 | Recognition for more than just work

Recognize people for more than just their work habits. When someone experiences a milestone, either in their family, their passion projects or their personal fitness, give them a shout out at the once so that everyone can celebrate a win together.

Ultimately, your methods of employee recognition need to be about one thing: What makes your team feel valued? iSolved with Mojo also helps you create an employee recognition program that’s easy to monitor and use.

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