Colorado: Secure Savings Plan (SB20-200)

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Colorado Secure Savings Plan


The state of Colorado has joined those providing a state-sponsored retirement program, for those worker’s whose employers do not offer a retirement plan, called the Colorado Secure Savings Plan. On July, 14 2020 Governor Polis signed into law, SB20-200, a measure creating the Colorado Secure Savings Act. The new measure will likely be enacted next year. 

This measure amends the Colorado Secure Savings Plan Act to create an IRA-based program and also creates a retirement plan coverage requirement for employers with 5 or more employees. SB20-200 specifies that Colorado Secure Savings Program is to be an automatic enrollment payroll deduction IRA, not a defined benefit plan. 

The new measure cites a need to expand Colorado retirement coverage, noting more than 900,000 currently working in Colorado–40% of the Colorado workforce and more than half of those in the state’s private sector –do not have access to a retirement savings account or program at work. Disproportionately affected are younger, minority, and low-income workers. 

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