California Business
Start-Up Steps


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Establish your business as a corporation with both the IRS and the State of California.
It is a sequential process that must be completed in the order below.

1. Your Federal ID

If you are unsure what type of corporate entity to establish your business under, consult your CPA.
If you need a CPA, Big Fish can make a referral for you. It is very important that you select the correct entity for your business (i.e. there is a BIG difference between setting up a S Corporation and a LLC). IRS FEIN registration:

Federal Registration

2. State Registration

Once you have your FEIN, register your business with the California Secretary of State

CA State Registration


Once registered with the Secretary of State you must create a User Name and Password on the State of California EDD E-Services. You will receive an email confirmation and you must confirm your account before proceeding to step 4.

EDD E-Services

4. Register New (DE1) Account

Once confirmed with an E-Services account, login again using your new User Name and Password and select the option to “Register a New Account (DE1)”

Congratulations, you are now established as a business in the State of California! Now all you have to do is call Big Fish and we will get you started on HR, Payroll, & HCM!

As your HR, Payroll & HCM experts…

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