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Streamline Recruiting and Hire Top Talent

Everyone, from your supervisors to human resources, will love the simplicity of iSolved Hire, a cloud-based, applicant-tracking solution for iSolved.

Hiring new employees often takes up a lot of time for HR and recruiting professionals. Between requisitions, approval processes, posting listings and tracking applicants, filling just one position may take hours. When you have multiple jobs to fill, the process quickly becomes complicated.

iSolved Hire simplifies the process from start to finish. The system allows you to use templates and post to multiple job boards at once, and assists with rating candidates to move them through the funnel quickly. Get top talent with ease.


Drastically reduce the time spent posting and filling new positions.


Add-on services available, including video interviewing, background checks and drug screenings.


Better manage the entire hiring process.

Rating System

Rate candidates to move them through the funnel faster.


Store job description templates.

Custom Questions

Create and manage custom questions for applicants.

iSolved Will Transform Your Process

iSolved Hire makes it easy to leverage employee referrals, customize application and interview questions, filter through candidates, and conduct interviews, getting you to the right candidates to fill your positions.

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