Big Fish Employer Services Letter From CEO

‘Some Recent Changes’ -A Letter From The CEO

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Big Fish Employer Services Letter From CEO


It has been a long time since I have contributed to our Fish Files and I wanted to share a few items with you directly.

First and most obvious is our 
new website.
Our Marketing team thought it time to refresh the visibility, improve speed, and enhance the content. I know our clients have seen it because that is the landing place for the Logins, and for those readers of this who are our Referral Partners who may not have visited lately please take a moment to view the site.

Secondarily, and more subtlely is a re-branding of Big Fish.
Since 2004 we have gone by the Big Fish Payroll Services name, and we have grown the business nicely by delivering a very high service experience, while also delivering fantastic technology. It is a winning combination.
As time marches on we felt the need to adjust course with the delivery of our HR Managed Services offering, providing our clients with a deep HR support model also known as “fractional HR”. We become your defacto HR Department driving compliance, training, and consultative support, all with our eye on mitigating our client’s risk and improving the employee experience through an enhanced work environment and culture.

To mark that adjustment, we are now going by the name of Big Fish Employer Services to reflect the invigorated focus on both the employee experience and the employer. You will begin to see that name on our communications in the marketplace over the next several weeks as we phase it in gently. Our emails will change, but the people you have known and trusted for years will not. Our intention is to continue to grow and add talented people to fulfill this new service offering. Payroll will always be a core part of our business model, while the HR Managed Services is an exciting compliment.

Please pass along any comments or questions to us, we love the feedback and it helps make us better.
Thank you for allowing Big Fish Employer Services to be of service to you.

justin Dignam

Justin Dignam


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