5 Benefits of Tracking Time & Attendance

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Time is important – to everyone, yet 40 percent of organizations have not automated timekeeping. And despite its importance, most companies don’t realize how much money they waste on sub-optimal timekeeping. Here are five benefits of tracking time and attendance:

Get Rid of the paperwork

New hire documents, payroll, and time cards amount to a stack of paperwork that can burry your desk in just a few days. Automated systems can eliminate those stacks of paper!

Remain Compliant

State and federal laws regulate record keeping and overtime pay for employees. Without a reliable system, you could be facing legal problems.

Avoid Human Errors

Even honest employees can make mistakes when they keep their over time, by simply misplacing a digit or adding incorrectly. Whether the mistakes are accident or on purpose, your business could be losing money on lost time. According to the American Payroll Association (APA), companies that lack automated timekeeping have up to a 8 percent error rate on their payroll.

Focus on Other Tasks 

Human resources and accounting professionals spend a lot of time on payroll each month. When you upgrade to an automated system, you could find that your employees suddenly have as much as 70 percent more time to devote to other tasks related to their jobs.

Simplify the Date Storage

When a single sign-on, employees and supervisors can access their own self-service accounts, along with a lot of other date in on place

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