33 Ways to Enjoy Fall (Even in a pandemic)

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2020 is nothing like we imagined it to be, and this fall will be no exception. As coronavirus numbers continue to fluctuate across the country, we will have to come up with new things to do throughout the fall, just as we did with spring and summer. While you will still be able to savor a pumpkin spice beverage and snuggle up in your coziest sweater, some of the typical fall activities may be off limits. 

Just because we are socially distancing and staying at home doesn’t mean we still can’t enjoy all the best things fall has to offer. Here are some of the best things to do this fall, even if 2020 is an autumn like we have never experienced before: 

  1. Go socially distanced apple picking 
  2. Get lost in a corn maze
  3. Take a hike or walk through the woods to appreciate the fall leaves
  4. Enjoy pumpkin spice everything 
  5. Drink hot apple cider (and maybe even spike it!) 
  6. Build a bonfire, roast marshmallows, and share spooky stories
  7. Think about what you’re thankful for and write it down!
  8. Bake an apple pie or pumpkin pie
  9. Swap your sandals out for a cute pair of boots
  10. DIY a Holiday photoshoot
  11. Host a virtual get together 
  12. Shop for a new cozy sweater
  13. Enjoy some homemade soup and grilled cheese
  14. Learn to knit
  15. Create a fall-themed wreath 
  16. Snuggle up with a cup of tea and a good book
  17. Rake together a pile of leaves–and hop into it!
  18. Deck your halls (or yard) with a little festive décor 
  19. Enjoy a faux tailgate in your driveway 
  20. Go faux camping in your backyard
  21. Bake snickerdoodle cookies
  22. Get a head start on your holiday shopping 
  23. Watch old Holiday TV specials 
  24. Have a marathon of Netflix Holiday movies 
  25. VOTE!
  26. Watch and appreciate the leaves changing color 
  27. Gather with loved ones (in person if its safe, or virtually)
  28. Take plenty of photos so you never forget this experience in time 
  29. Celebrate at home
  30. Appreciate the cold air and rain that fall brings
  31. Baking warms the house, so bake all things fall
  32. Have a cook fest by dedicating a weekend or a day to trying all of the saved recipes you have been meaning to get to
  33. Hike or just get outside to enjoy nature

Regardless of coronavirus restrictions, we can all find ways to celebrate fall safely! Do you have a favorite fall activity we didn’t mention? Please share with us. We love to hear from you!

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